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Set Fire!

Set Fire!

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released May 22, 2012

1. Falling into Shadow
2. Fuck Shit Up
3. Set Fire to the Nation
4. Sunless Summer
5. Moral Bigotry
6. Green Pixie
7. Snake in the Grass
8. Don't Ask Questions
9. Amnesia
10. Un jour
11. Stand My Ground
12. Souriez, vous êtes filmés
13. Free Spirit
14. Everybody Hates You

Produced and mixed by Gus van Go and Werner F

Joe Evil - Vocals, Keyboards
Franz Schuller - Vocals, Guitar
Peter Edwards - Lead Guitar
Vincent Peake: Bass - Vocals and Percussions
Ben Shatskoff -Drums

Tjupurru: didjeribone on Falling Into Shadow & Set fire To The Nation
Yiannis Kapoulas: bouzouki on Free Spirit
Werner F: Additional guitars and back vocals
Anne-Fred & Ludo: Back vocals on Un jour

Recorded at Damien Gerrard and Sebastian Trio Studios in Sydney, Australia
Mixed at the Boiler Room in NYC
Mastering: Ryan Morey at Rye Bread
Artwork: Gambirra Illume
Layout: Peter Edwards
Photos: Vincent Peake [a.k.a. Highres V]

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