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Adrian Underhill

CU Again

CU Again

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CU Again is filled with smouldering electro-soul slow jams and plainspoken vulnerability, making it as inviting as an extended hand and as intimate as a secret whispered in your ear.

The 10 songs on CU Again are the culmination of many years of sonic exploration. Having grown up in Vancouver before moving to Montreal and then Toronto, Underhill served time in indie rock bands and eventually went solo for a low-key EP in 2012. He then completely revamped his songwriting process, using keyboards and drum machines for the first time and gravitating towards a slinky sound, blending pop immediacy with tender R&B experimentation.


1. Not Good Enough
2. CU Again
3. I Want It All
4. Cruel
5. Holding Out
6. Weather
7. As I Think Of Something Different
8. How To Make a Life Count
9. I Could
10. Carry On

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