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Alexandre Desilet

Fancy Ghetto

Fancy Ghetto

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Subversive beats, bodies in trance, words that snap. Welcome to Fancy Ghetto. An urban western where the streets of a bustling city are traversed by beings in search of love, Alexandre Désilets' new album invites us elsewhere. With its catchy pop and festive tempo, music that comes from the gut to resonate with souls, Fancy Ghetto is the singer-songwriter's third work, following Escalader l'ivresse (2008) and La Garde (2010).

1. Au diable
2. Fancy ghetto 
3. Perle rare
4. Hymne à la joie
5. Crime parfait
6. Bats-toi mon cœur
7. Rejoins-moi
8. Gloire du matin
9. Renégat
10. Tout est perdu
11. Crime parfait (edit)
12. Fancy ghetto (edit)
13. Rejoins-moi (Edit radio)


Lyrics and Music by Alexandre Désilets co-authored with Mathieu Leclerc, his comrade-in-arms. *Rejoins-moi was co-composed and co-written with Éric Goulet.

The Band

Samuel Joly: drums, percussion, backing vocals on Fight, My Heart and Rare Pearl François Plante: electric bass, backing vocals on Fight, My Heart Olivier Langevin: electric guitar François Lafontaine: synth, piano, prepared piano, treatments Alexandre Désilets: vocals, guitar-voice, backing vocals, omnichord

Guest Collaborators

Robbie Kuster: marimba on Fight, My Heart Julien Sagot: percussion on Fight, My Heart Marie-Pierre Arthur: backing vocals on Fight, My Heart and Join Me Erika Angell: backing vocals on Fight, My Heart

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