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Alexandre Desilet



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In March 2016, Alexandre Désilets took over the legendary Studio 12 of Radio-Canada to bring to life the dream of a lifetime, which was to record an orchestral album featuring the repertoire from his last three works. With a musical delegation of seventeen musicians by his side, Alexandre breathed life into Windigo, reimagining his pieces to deliver them with cinematic arrangements by François Richard.

1. Plus Qu'il En Faut
2. Tout Est Perdu
3. Le Repère
4. Perle Rare
5. L'éphémère
6. J'échoue
7. On Sème
8. Les Prévisions
9. Si Loin
10. Pavé Comme Appui
11. Hymne À La Joie
12. Réjoins-moi


Alexandre Désilets: vocals, choir, vocal effects
François Richard: piano, organ
Mathieu Désy: double bass, electric bass
Olivier Langevin: electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Denis Ferland: classical guitar
Alexis Martin and Robbie Kuster: drums, percussion
Jocelyne Roy: flutes - David Perreault: clarinet - Jean-Sébastien Leblanc: bass clarinet - Lise Millet: bassoon
François Pilon: violin I - Mélanie Bélair: violin II - Ligia Paquin: viola - Sheila Hannigan: cello
David Carbonneau: trumpet - Renaud Gratton: trombone - Jean-Sébastien Vachon: bass trombone, tuba

Production: François Richard, Alexandre Désilets, Rob Heaney
Arrangements: François Richard
Conductor: Benoît Groulx
Artistic Direction: Alexandre Désilets
Recording and Mixing: Rob Heaney
SRC Session Assistant Engineers: Marc Doiron and Maxime Philippe
Mastering: Harris Newman

Recorded live with the orchestra at Radio-Canada's Studio 12 in the heart of winter 2016
Additional vocals recorded at Fast Forward Studio
Preproduction: Studio Le Hublot
Mixing: Studio Fast Forward - Mastering: Grey Market Mastering

Design: Alexandre Désilets
Light-painting photos: Julie Laroque and Martin Shank
Photos at Studio 12: Albert Zablit, available on
Graphic Design: Arthur Malet, Mélanie Lapointe - Logo: Agent Illustrateur

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