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Busty and the Bass

Uncommon Good

Uncommon Good

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Uncommon Good finds Busty and the Bass focused on the project as a whole, rather than just a collection of songs. It is also a continuation of their infectious brand of danceable electro-soul, hip-hop and funk.

On previous efforts the group recorded in the “busty basement”, a place that guitarist Louis Stein says allowed for “experimentation and fun”. This time around they decided to step up their game, enlisting the skills of Grammy award winning producer/mixer Neal Pogue, best known for his work with acts like Outkast, Snoop Dogg, Earth Wind and Fire, MIA, Nikki Minaj, Aretha Franklin, and Lil Wayne.

“Neal was the nucleus around which the entire project came together, bringing together all the diverse voices that make up the band and helping us create a cohesive body of work,” says bassist Milo Johnson.

Pogue encouraged the band to listen to classic albums by Parliament, Earth, Wind and Fire, and Michael Jackson. Inspiration was also found in contemporary artists like Kendrick Lamar, D’Angelo, and James Blake. All of these influences can be heard on the album, but the way the band incorporates them into their own sound shows a sharp and original progression.

1. Children
2. Up Top
3. Memories And Melodies
4. Things Change
5. Free Shoes
6. Closer
7. Bad Trip
8. Common Ground
9. Dance with Someone!!!
10. Dead Poet


Scott Bevins – trumpet
Alistair Blu – vocals, keyboard, synthesizer
Nick Ferraro – vocals, alto saxophone, flute
Eric Haynes – piano, keyboard
Milo Johnson – bass, cello
Mike McCann – trumpet
Louis Stein – guitar, banjo
Julian Trivers – drums, percussion
Chris Vincent – trombone, trumpet, engineer

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