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The product of a friendship forged of commiserate heartbreak, misery and more than a fair share of depravity, the album’s nine tracks reflect an era of naivete and excess told through the looking glass of maturity. Each revealing a sonic tempest in an effervescently melodic teapot

The album is produced and mixed by Krief and co-written by Davies and Krief over countless nights of boozing and oversharing. True to theme, the project is named after a scale Krief’s friends created to measure the group’s overall darkness on any given night. 

1. Never Been Loved
2. London
3. Dirty Love
4. Heaven Crashing Over Me
5. Left Out
6. Hologram
7. White Flag
8. The Ballad of Ruby and Jacob
9. Wasted

Written by Patrick Krief And Maia Davies

Patrick Krief: Drums, keys, Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Maia Davies: Vocals
Produced and Mixed By Patrick Krief

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