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David Campana

Bonjour, Hi

Bonjour, Hi

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The sound of Bonjour, Hi is inspired by a melodious trap, with influences of soul and pop-RnB. Also known for his sweet voice and his melodious flow, David Campana is often invited to top-line the catchy refrains of his numerous collaborations.

1. Check Moi
2. Hors de ma vie
3. Vaisseau (ft. Obia Le Chef)
4. Take Your Time
5. Nou La (ft. Franky Fade)
6. Tout est à moi icitte
7. Gabrielle
8. Change pas
9. Views & Like
10. Trafic
11. Agrikol (ft. Dope.Gng)
12. Live Now
13. Long Ride
14. Rapide & Amoureux
15. Carapace


Written by David Campana, Pierre Louis Obia, François Marceau, Marven Jean, Victor Tremblay Desrosiers
Composed by Noé "Daysiz" Carillo & Marin "mammouth" Murawiec (Novengitum)
Arrangements by Igor Dubois (Novengitum)
Produced by Noé "Daysiz" Carillo & Marin "mammouth" Murawiec (Novengitum)
Mixed by Igor Dubois (Novengitum)
Mastered by Philip Gosselin (Le Lab)

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