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DJ Killa-Jewel



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Sagittarius is the latest EP by world-renowned turntablist DJ Killa-Jewel, inspired by the cosmos and the idea that life does, in fact, exist beyond our own universe.
Combining dreamy, bass-heavy, electronic Hip-Hop beats with classic, old-school Hip-Hop-style scratching, DJ Killa-Jewel marries two different worlds; one for the hardcore turntablist fans who enjoy a range of different scratch techniques executed over the course of an album’s length, and the other for those whose ears are more attune to the time signature and electronically-synthesized sounds of modern-day Trap music. DJ Killa-Jewel also performs as a singer-songwriter on the EP's title song and more upbeat style dance track, ‘Without You’. Her astrological sign is of course, Sagittarius. This is DJ Killa-Jewel’s debut release on Indica/Hydrophonik Records.

Track List:

Side A
01. Pixstar
02. Second Kind
03. Pipe Dreams
04. Without You

Side B
01. Pixstar (Instrumental)
02. Second Kind (Instrumental)
03. Pipe Dreams (Instrumental)

DJ Killa-Jewel

Mixing and Mastering Engineer
Ghislain Brind'Amour

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