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Foreign Diplomats



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This album is about a lot of things. It’s mostly about falling in love and being scared to fall too much. To fall in love with someone, with a place (home), with a city (far from home). But it’s also about poodles and friends (real and imaginary), about snow and apartment seeking, about mental health and fear. 

1. Road Wage
2. City Luv
3. Charger
4. Amafula
5. You Decide (The Return of)
6. Demon (Slamador)
7. Adopted Hometown
8. Frilu
9. Tender Night
10. How Cool Is That?
11. Fearful Flower

Thomas Bruneau Faubert : Synth, Trombone, screams, vocals
Tony L. Roy : Bass, Acoustic Bass, Moog Sub 37, Saxophone on Demon, Vocals, Apprentice Engineer
Charles Primeau : Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar, Acoustic Guitar+Bass on City Luv, Korg Minilogue, Vocals
Élie Raymond : Vocals, Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar on Demon, Prophet 600, Casio CZ-101, Piano, Acoustic Bass on Adopted Hometown, far away Drums in Frilu  Lazer Vallières : Drums, percussions.

Jace Lasek : Therevox on Road Wage
Marc-Antoine Barbier : Saxophone on Adopted Hometown
Elliot Maginot : Vocals on City Luv, Amafula, Demon, Fearful Flower
Ariel Comtois : Saxophone on Road Wage, Charger & Vocals on Demon, Fearful Flower
Philippe Gauthier Boudreau : Drums on Fearful Flower
Samuel Heppell-Dion : Saxophone on Amafula, Frilu, Fearful Flower
David Aubé : Cello on City Luv
Antoine Gallois : Guitar on You Decide
Émie Leclerc : Vocals on Road Wage, Charger
Ann Provost Richard : Vocals on You Decide
Guillaume Bisson : Vocals on You Decide, Frilu
Zachary Bleau : Vocals on Adopted Hometown

The “Thursday Night in the Studio” Choir can be heard on You Decide and Fearful Flower: Delphine Lapierre, Delphine Lou Fontaine Picard, Ariel Comtois, Marc-Antoine Barbier, Antoine Gallois, Gautier Villette, Philémon Günter Crête, Tony L. Roy, Thomas Bruneau Faubert, Charles Primeau, Élie Raymond.

Words and music by Élie Raymond
Arranged by Foreign Diplomats
Produced, engineered and mixed by Jace Lasek
Assistant engineer : Antoine Gallois
Recorded in Montreal at Breakglass in June, October and November 2018 and in February 2019
Except Tender Night : recorded and produced by Ryan Battistuzzi in Montreal, April 2018 / Some of the synths, a couple vocal tracks, the Tender Night piano, percussion in Adopted Hometown and the far away drums in Frilu were recorded at home, February 2017-January 2018
Mastered by Philip Gosselin at Le Lab Mastering
Artwork by Brice Postma
Layout by Geneviève Baril.

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