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Autumn Flowers (rerolled)

Autumn Flowers (rerolled)

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Autumn Flowers  contains re-recorded versions of songs from the 1991 demo tape Autumn Flowers

1. Pourquoi pourquoi ne pas fumer
2. Zig Zag
3. Rhinoceros
4. Spiderman
5. Vikings
6. Footsteps in Loyola
7. La Légende d'Overhead
8. Gormenghast
9. Camptown Lady
10. Sensi
11. Mange d'la marde
12. Autumn Flowers (Entire Original EP)

Franz Schuller - electric and acoustic guitars, lead vocals
Joe Evil - keyboard, vocals, accordion 
Ülf: drums, vocals, lead vocals on Sensi
Boris: Lazy bass, vocals
Peter Edwards - lead guitar and vocals

Photography By [Cover Photo], Artwork [Illustrations]: King Ten Watts Robitaille
Producer, Engineer: Grim Skun*, M-A Thibert
Typography, Design: Jonathan Veltman

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