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Meltdown is the second album by Canadian rock group GrimSkunk released January 24, 1996. The title of the song P.C.P. is an acronym for Problème de Consommation Personnelle meaning personal consumption problem related to drug use and features Uncle Costa and Shantal Arroyo on lead vocals. 

1. Overture in E Minor
2. Rigpa
3. East Coast
4. No Sympathy
5. Self Inflicted Stress
6. Le Gouvernement Songe
7. La Vache
8. Lord Ogre
9. Dead End Violence
10. Dope Vibe Moon
11. Feeling Severe
12. Brussels
13. P.C.P
14. Colorblind
15. Fat Al's Illness

Joe Evil - Lead vocals, organ
Franz Schuller - lead vocals, guitar
Peter Edwards - Lead guitar
Borris - Slacker bass, vocals
Ülf - Drums, headling djemne, vocals


Produced by - Glen Robinson
Engineered by - Steve Mosely and Glen Robinson
Mastered at Time Machine by Jimb

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