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Unreason In The Age Of Madness

Unreason In The Age Of Madness

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Recorded by GGGarth Richardson, producer of Rage Against the Machine’s legendary debut album, at his Farm Studios in Gibsons, British Columbia, the album is imbued with both the rich natural beauty of the western Canadian coastline, as well as an immediate urgency to halt the destructive path society and humanity have catapulted themselves onto.

Delving into the band’s exotic blend of tribal energy and unique eclectic sound, the album captures the GrimSkunk spirit with pure, raw intensity; a whirlwind of punk angst and outrage, and the hopeful, almost hippie idealism of those who still believe in a better world.
Released April 27, 2018

1. Let's Start a War
2. Sick Bastards
3. Dead Before Your Start
4. Gimme Some Revolution
5. Les Insoumis
6. Hanging Out in the Rain
7. Starlight
8. The Right to Bear Harm
9. Same Mistake
10. Computer Screen

Franz Schuller - rhythm guitar, vocals
Joe Evil - keyboard, vocals
Alain Vadeboncoeur - drums
Vincent Peake - bass guitar
Peter Edwards - lead guitar

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