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Gros Soleil

Occulture Populaire

Occulture Populaire

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Occulture Populaire revisits the great names of rock in the Gros Soleil style. Throughout the album, the theme of the occult serves as a reference to the movement that prevailed during the golden age of rock.

With Occulture Populaire, the band pays tribute to a plethora of influences whose contribution is not calculated, but rather the result of the osmosis of a rocker's life with a tender heart and a gritty attitude. Anglo-style rock in French? Francophone rock with an Anglo sound? A modern sound that knows its classics and is undeniably sexy? It's up to you to put on your leather jacket, your patched jeans, and decide...

1. Cercle de sel 
2. Dante
3. Le temps des monarques
4. Dans une fusée
5. Si les animaux pouvaient parler
6. Tigre debout
7. Les Chevaliers de l'apocalypse
8. Le pervers et la vicieuse
9. Joues rouges


Lyrics: Dominic Lamoureux
Music: Gros Soleil
Recording: Peter Edwards
Production: Gros Soleil and Peter Edwards
Mixing: Steeven Chouinard and Dominic Lamoureux
Mastering: Ryan Morey
Artwork: ArnoPeople

Gros Soleil is:
Dominic Lamoureux – Vocals / Guitars
Sébastien Boucher – Guitars
Frédéric Lamoureux – Drums
Christian Boileau – Bass

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