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Feu Intérieur

Feu Intérieur

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Fire is a powerful element. Destructive or invigorating. Each person uses it according to their desire. For us, "Feu Intérieur" represents renewal, like a phoenix rising from its ashes after devastation. "Feu Intérieur" is also the lantern that allowed us to calmly ascend the mountain amidst the darkness.

To remain raw and authentic, we enlisted the help of our friend and director Jace Lasek once again. Jace always knows how to make the colors of our music shine while preserving the heart and essence of the band.

Released on June 24, 2022

1. Sur une ficelle
2. La gouffre
3. Luna
4. Feu intérieur
5. Si pour une fois
6. La forêt
7. Entre chien et loup
8. Jour après jour
9. Tout va changer
10. Je partirais
11. Les oiseaux

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