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Hey Major

The Station

The Station

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Our album entitled The Station was written in 4 four years. Co-produced with Franz Schuller and Peter Edwards, we recorded it at our label’s studio, Indica Records. Through these 10 songs, we had the occasion of finding ourselves and returning to our roots to convey messages that truly are meaningful to us. To do so, we created two fictional character, Jane and Connie. The Station tells their journey leading towards change and enlightenment throughout their love stories, struggles, encounters and wishes for humanity.

1. The Station
2. Old Enough
3. Brother
4. Flying Freak Flags
5. Pour mieux respirer
6. One by One
7. Goldfellas
8. Wax and Wane
9. Always Around
10. Connie
11 .Smoke and Mirrors

All Songs written & composed by Mickael Fortin and Raphael Fortin

Produced by Franz Schuller, Peter Edwards, Hey Major 

released October 11, 2019

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