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I wrote Forward without holding back, in a very organic way. I wanted to be honest and raw in my writing. I wanted to work through the hardships, the adversity and the struggles to find new meaning, peace and healing. It’s about taking the nonsense and making something beautiful out of it.” - Liana 

For this debut album she surrounded herself creatively with writing partner Dominique Plante (co-writing, production, guitars), and her musicians Gabriel Desjardins (keyboards), Marc-Antoine Genest Petitclerc (bass), Pierre-Emmanuel Beaudoin (percussion) and Matthew Weiss(mix/mastering).

With her experience at La Voix and her DIY approach to her first EP Liana is honing in on her sound and image. “Forward” is a musical amalgamation of her journey and invites us to explore her world. 

2. Red Light
3. Better Days
4. No Day
5. Give It Right Back
6. Speechless
7. Wild
8. Wake Up
9. Enough
10. Forward

Produced by: Dominique Plante
Guitars: Dominique Plante
Keyboards: Gabriel Desjardins
Bass: Marc-Antoine Genest Petitclerc
Percussion: Pierre-Emmanuel Beaudoin
Mix and Mastering: Matthew Weiss

released October 4, 2019

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