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The Index To My Inner Thoughts

The Index To My Inner Thoughts

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Welcome to The Index to My Inner Thoughts. After releasing my first EP (The Half Full EP, in 2018) I was fortunate enough to be able to tour in Asia and Europe. This EP was born in the busy bustling streets of Shibuya, Tokyo and in the filled to the rim, free flowing sidewalks of Hongdae, Seoul. Some of these songs were conceived and written in the Parisian cafes of Montmartre, in the 18ieme arrondissement, in Paris. All of my travels and experiences played a huge part in the making of this project. 

I came back to Montreal a new person, with a new world view, and also a brand-new train of thought. This EP is a trip into my complexities, emotions, desires and questions. 

I present to you, The Index to My Inner Thoughts


1. Questions (Intro) Feat. Jérôme Dupuis-Cloutier
2. Boxed in
3. Pain Feat. Lea Keeley
4. Hold Me Down Feat. Lea Keeley
5. No More Love Letter
6. Hold On Feat. Lea Keeley

released September 18, 2020

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