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Oobopopop. Go on, say it out loud! Oobopopop. It means whatever you want it to mean. For VALAIRE, it’s the sound of freedom and happiness. It’s the feeling you get when your body moves to the beat, when you put your hands together and stomp your feet. Good vibes and wide smiles! Oobopopop is a philosophy.

1. The Coast
2. Woody Wagon
3. By My Side (feat. Alan Prater)
4. Dizzy's Playa 
5. Golden Rule (Do the Oobopopop)
6. Apata Palace (feat. Kahli Abdu & Pierre Kwenders)
7. Show Me Oh Oui
8. Whisky Dew
9. Boogaloo
10. I Wanna

released September 16, 2016


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