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Patrick Krief



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Krief’s new double album, paired as Autonomic Red and Autonomic Blue, is an unusual album, fittingly inspired by a series of deaths of the people in the singer’s life. He put all the darkness and trauma into the 20 songs that make up the collection that he likens to “Thursday night and Sunday morning.”

Automatic Red is the darker of the two albums. The songs have appropriately painful sounding titles like “All Is Lost,” “Mississippi,” and “Darkometro.” Naturally, Autonomic Blue is has more spiritual, uplifting titles like “Yearning,” “The Mayan,” and “Deo Gratis.”

1. All Is Lost
2. Darkometro
3. Life As It Happens
4. Automanic
5. Mississipi
6. Magdalena
7. Some Other Time
8. Godspeed
9.  Pixilated
10. The Man Who Takes You On
11. Deo Gratias
12. Luna
13. Saturn Sun
14. Heaven Into Rust
15. The Mayan
16. Always Now
17. Was
18. This Madness
19. One Bullet
20. Yearning


Written and produced by Patrick Krief

Released on September 30 2016 on Indica Records

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