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Patrick Krief

Chemical Trance

Chemical Trance

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Patrick Krief has turned on, tuned in, dropped out and come out the other side with a psychedelic masterpiece.
 On Chemical Trance, the Montreal musician taps into that holy intersection of divine and mortality, confronting his own vulnerabilities in a beautiful cacophony that, at times, recalls Pink Floyd, late-era Beatles, Leonard Cohen and Radiohead. Yet, somehow, is uniquely Patrick Krief.


1. I Am The Pillar Of Darkness In Your Life
2. I Love You Just The Same 
3. Man About Lies 
4. Line Stepper 
5. Chemical Trance 
6. Svengali
7. One Up Two Down
8. The Light Between Your Eyes
9. Never Without You
10. Gyp Million Star

Produced and mixed by Patrick Krief

Released August 14, 2020

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