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When Patrick started writing for Dovetale, it felt like the end of an era, or an album that somehow tied all his previous works together. Then saw the idea of the “end” as a liberating sentiment as it would allow him to reference from within his own catalogue to make one unified statement; a statement that reflects on the past whilst looking to the future with optimism and a new direction.

The songs came together quickly and from a place of true inspiration. he didn’t want much ambiguity in his message and really put himself out there in a way that might have made him feel uncomfortable in the past. 

1. Daydream Love
2. The Autumn
3. Idols
4. Bless Modern Love
5. The Moon Is On My Shoulder
6. Million Star
7. Osaka
8. Take The Night
9. Tonight
10. Dovetale
11. Venus


Produced and Mixed By Patrick Krief
Recorded at Studio Mixart and Krief AAWAL studio.
All songs written and arranged by Patrick Krief
Mastered by Phil Demetro
Creative consulting by Roberto Piccioni
Artwork by Edward Maloney


Released June 7, 2019

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