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Hey Major

Pre-Order: Down The Ride

Pre-Order: Down The Ride

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"This album was really about finding our true selves as artists and accepting that we may change and evolve many times throughout our careers. The music exposes the love stories of two young artists, feelings of discouragement, highs and lows. Who doesn’t write about love? Love is a muse of its own."

Raised in a family where the golden age of Supertramp, David Bowie or Elton John was the soundtrack of their childhood, brothers Mikaël and Rafaël Fortin eventually grew to lean towards Coldplay, Karkwa, Arctic Monkeys, Arcade Fire, Black Keys and Radiohead as the mood-board for their lives.  Those influences were ultimately carried to the studio and guided the musical imagination of what would become the art-rock of Hey Major.

1. MIA
2. Frees My Soul
3. You're So Cold (I'm on fire)
4. Our World
5. Sun and the Moon
6. Running
7. Turn Back Time
8. Home
9. Broken
10. This Is the End

Produced  by Jace Lasek, 
Co-Produced by: Hey Major and Franz Schuller 
Engineer:  Jace Lasek, Hey Major, Antoine Gallois
Mixed by: Jace Lasek
Mastering:  Ryan Morey
Recorded at Breakglass Studio in Montreal 
Album Design: Kleo Beausoleil 

Mickaël Fortin: Vocals, Piano, Synths, Bass
Raphaël Fortin: Drums, Vocals, Piano, Synths 
Antoine Gallois: Electric and acoustic Guitar:



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