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Hello Master

Hello Master

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Hello Master is the debut studio album by Canadian hard rock band Priestess. Recorded with Gus van Go serving as producer, the album was initially released on October 18, 2005, by Indica Records in Canada and on later dates in other regions. Its lyrics discuss typical rock n' roll themes such as love, violence and death, and its unusual sound for a hard rock record of the time is the result of van Go trying to emulate the sounds of classic rock and metal albums.

1. I Am The Night, Colour Me Black
2. Lay Down
3. Run Home
4. Two Kids
5. Talk To Her
6. Time Will Cut You Down
7. Everything That You Are
8. The Shakes
9. Performance
10. Living Like A Dog
11. No Real Pain
12. Blood

Mikey Heppner – lead guitar, lead vocals (except where noted)
Vince Nudo – drums, backing vocals
Dan Watchorn – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Mike Dyball – bass guitar

Gus Van Go – producer, mixing
Werner F. – mixing, guitar solo on "No Real Pain"
Colin Lane – photography
Arik Roper – illustration
Priestess & Frank Harkins – art direction
Tom Baker – audio mastering at Precision Mastering
Tom Siler – organ on "Lay Down"

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