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RACE created anthems and gained a reputation as a furious live act. Though the band was only around for a short period, they left an invaluable imprint on the Canadian music scene. Promoting revolution and unity in equal doses, while getting right into key issues such as peace and solidarity, the significant lyrics written by Ronee appeal for more to be accomplished: "If one can't dig this scene then you better step clean. The world needs to get you know...out of many we are one people...the human RACE." Their music expresses the sweaty frustration of basement hothouses and racial tensions of suburban society. A culture of opposing elements, in which cohesion comes from the notion that in order to survive, the people in it must survive together.

1. Boring Days
2. Look At Yourself
3. It Was You
4. Put Up Your Dukes
5. Korries Karma
6. Idren
7. Unify
8. Love Ting
9. Just a Bud
10. U-B The Baddest
11. Greenday
12. Livicated
13. Blue Striped Devil

Bass: Paco 
Design: Jonathan Veltman
Drums:  Drummy (4)
Guitar:  Chuck, Lips
Lyrics: Ronee
Mixed by: Iain Worang, phFactor
Mixed By [With Help From]: Dave Kyle, Race
Music By: Race
Photography By: Christina Gapic
Producer: Race
Recorded By: Iain Worang, Peter Hudson
Vocals: Ronee

Released January 1 1997

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