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Take a Rest

Take a Rest

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Take A Rest maps the adventures that the quintet had when internationally touring their preceding EP in a similar manner to Glass Animals‘ How To Be A Human Being from last year. Due to it’s warped and disjointed production style identical to James Blake (hear ‘Blame’ and ‘Another Case‘) and akin to Disclosure and tendency for dance-orientated repetition, the lyrics aren’t always comprehensible and insightful but there is a nice blend of observations, live-in-the-moment cultural experiences and character analysis that helps bring it’s a concept of escapism alive.  

1. Rudie
2. Another Case
3. Love Life
4. Blame
5. Too Little
6. Too Far
7. Amsterdam
8. Mercury
9. Dope
10. Entity
11 Too Much
12. Bridges
13. Want Me Gone
14. Empyrean
15. Take a Rest

Released 09 June 2017

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