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Vincent Appelby

Maladie d'écran

Maladie d'écran

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"Maladie d'écran" describes a society idle and dependent on a virtual life, in which Appelby includes himself. He casts a critical eye on his surroundings, sparing neither himself nor leaning more towards a critique of the modern world than passive contemplation. He observes an environment that is reduced to a screen.

1. À deux
2. Maladie d'écran
3. Panique!
4. Lamia
5. Si ton coeur
6. Derniers mots
7. Acqua Toffana
8. Temps mort
9. Verre
10. Karma
11. Maladie d'écran (partie 2)

Music, lyrics, production: Vincent P. Appelby
Mixing: Patrick Krief (except for "Panique!" by Samuel Woywitka)
Mastering: Brock Mcfarlane
Recording: Samuel Woywitka
Technician: Stefan Nowarre
Recording locations: Studio Indica, Studio Mixart, Studio Madame Wood, Vincent Appelby's place, Half Moon Run's rehearsal space
String arrangements: Vincent P. Appelby, Mariane Bertand, Julie Boivin
Brass and woodwind arrangements: Vincent P. Appelby, Renaud Gratton, Jérôme Dupuis-Cloutier, Isaac Symonds
Illustrations: Julien Roudaut
Graphic design: Geneviève Baril

released October 19, 2018

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