Collection: Beat Cops

A veritable Montreal all-star group; Mickey Heppner (Priestess), Tim Fletcher (The Stills), Pat Bennett (Trigger Effect) and Max Hébert (Breastfeeders, Final Flash) created BEAT COPS in 2014. Mikey Heppner and Tim Fletcher began playing music together in Montreal punk rock band, 'The Dropouts', when they met in 2001. 'Priestess' and 'The Stills' (Heppner and Fletcher's respective side-projects, go ahead and Google them) both ended up taking a lot of their time, so their collaboration had been quite minimal until last July (2014) when the two began taking themselves seriously once again.

Recorded at Montreal's Mountain Studio and engineered by Adrian Popovich, Beat Cops feature a heavy, guitar driven live sound that creates an unmatched energy that transcends through audiences. They have successfully found that balance between their punk roots and the melodic ways of classic rock. Beat Cops have a sound that appeals a variety of rock fans. MEAN STREETS captures this balance and energy, it's the type of rock that real and genuine.