Collection: Colin Moore

Growing up in the Montreal suburb of Pointe-Claire, Colin Moore's interest in music began at a young age, brought on by festive family gatherings where music ruled. He quickly discovered the repertoires of Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Joe Pug, Pink Floyd, The Beach Boys, Social Distortion and The Beatles, to name a few. Influences that are still felt today. After Three albums and an EP – several tours and more than 500 Canadian, American and European dates, the man needs no introduction. Among the highlights, of course, was the unexpected and extraordinary experience of La Voix, but also encounters with legends such as Jeff Martin, Rosanne Cash, Sophie Hunger, Paul Green, Kim Churchill and opening acts for CCR, Cat Empire, Alan Jackson, Roger Hodgson and more.

A seasoned musician, Moore puts forth a record which is the culmination of years of hard work and the sum of encounters and collaborations with his musical "family": the aforementioned Battistuzzi on electric guitar/studio engineer/co-producer, bassist Vincent Peake (Groovy Aardvark, GrimSkunk), Jonathan Bigras Aka Jaune (Galaxie) on drums, and finally, Alex Crow (Caféïne, Aut' Chose), on keyboards A true "dream team" of Quebec rock, opting for a bold and thoughtful sound and shining a light on an artist who is absolutely at the top of his game.