Collection: RudeBecky

RudeBecky  is the result of a collaboration between François Grégoire (lyrics, vocals, composition) and Maxime Audet-Halde (guitarist, vocals, composition & arrangements). They first crossed paths on stage in the early 2000s; one was evolving at the time with the band Kodiak, while the other was with DobaCaracol.
In 2008, Halde joined Kodiak as a guitarist for the album "La Mécanique." He accompanied the band during numerous shows, notably on the Quebec tour with the group Tryo, for which Kodiak was the opening act. In the fall of 2014, after the tour for the album "l'échine en quatre," Kodiak put its stage activities on hold, a perfect moment to embark on a new project! Thus, in 2015, the RudeBecky project began to take shape. The duo is now preparing to bring their initial musical endeavors to light.