Collection: Gros Soleil

Reanimated from the ashes of the late Les Truands, Gros Soleil recalls the arrogance and urgency of garage and punk rock by incorporating heavier influences, while keeping a touch of “stomp/fist in the air”. Imperfection, dirt and authenticity characterize the identity of the group. Their first album, Occulture Populaire, was well received by the media and radio considering the pandemic context of its release. Its influence is illustrated in particular by the performance of Cercle de Sel on the airwaves (#1 Stingray, #1 Blvd, IHeartRadio Future Star, Top 50 BDS).

Gros Soleil is back with a second album to come in early 2023. Produced by Steeven Chouinard (Le Couleur, Choses Sauvages, Jimmy Hunt, Valence, Sheenah Ko). The band's next opus is rooted in Rock, Stoner, Grunge and Psych aesthetics without forgetting the garage side that definitely characterizes the band's sound. The extract “No Name – l’homme libre”