Collection: Race

Hailing from the working class suburbs of the “gritty city” (Hamilton, Ontario) come the kings of groovy “Buz-be”. Their music expresses the sweaty frustration of the basement hothouses and racial tensions of suburban society. A culture of apparently opposing elements which cohesion comes from the fact that if it is to survive, the people in it must survive together. The music of RACE is the inevitable result of that culture. RACE blends hard rock, reggae and hip hop with the common thread being the groove. 

So who is RACE? RACE is a band of pure intentions and has produced a landmark debut record that promotes revolution & unity in equal doses, while getting right into key issues such as peace and solidarity in songs such as “Unify” and “Love Thing”. Combine that with thick and heavy guitar, deep groovy bass lines mixed with chilling, spine tingling crazy FX from the other “guitar guy”. Then, top all of it with a tight, high energy technical drummer who pounds the funk-reggae-ska beats and put it together with a powerful rap-reggae vocalist and you’ve got a band that plays their music like anthems.