Collection: Alexandre Désilets

Alexandre Désilets places his magnified worm on the music to infuse beauty into the darkness. His voice, with a unique and textured vocal range, remains resolutely his instrument as well as the driving force of his creation. His vocal harmonies, at the pinnacle of Quebec's heritage, amplify something grandiose where surprise awaits at every turn; a poetry imbued with modernity, carried by the remarkable and essential voice of the gifted melodist.

The singer-songwriter has expanded his disciplines and invested in movement through dance (Danse Lhasa danse, PPS Danse, Cas Public, Cirque du Soleil), thereby embracing the status of an artist of the mind, body, and heart. Eight albums have succeeded under his guidance, with each one, including Vocophilia (2005), reaffirming his vibrant talent and establishing a refined signature even more strongly.

Accumulating an experience adorned with awards and mentions (Granby Song Festival, GAMIQ, ADISQ, Félix-Leclerc Prize, etc.), Désilets takes the stage in a way few have managed for over a decade, with a sensitive, agile gesture at the peak of his mastery.

Alexandre Désilets unravels his work like never before. His danceable and infectious rhythms, impressive choruses, the pauses that make room for unexpected lyrical moments are imbued with a coherence that keeps us awake, attentive, and deeply grateful to once again rediscover our Quebecois gem.